Friday, May 11, 2012

God and children - School Prayer banned and abortion attacking both.

Banning belief in God and especially confession of faith in Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and destroying the family are long held agendas of the Marxist Leninist Communist movement to world dictatorship, which is still being perpetrated by the Communists and their open and secret adherents.

It started well before and came to open confrontation in the United States in the U.S. Supreme Court decision to ban school prayer.

The United States Supreme Court used its' de facto arbitrary powers assigned to itself, to in effect make law, in two cases: Engel et al. v. Vitale et al 1962 and Abington School District v. Schempp 1963 to make God "illegal" in the United States. God will, of course, have the last word on that. School prayer didn't actually stop in public schools until 1963. They have gone radically downhill since then. Roe v. Wade 1973 then decided preborn children in effect were not persons unless their parents accorded them that right. Of course preborn children are persons. They are human beings made in the image and likeness of God with full right to life in His eyes from the moment of conception.

It is important from a correct perspective from Constitutional law to note that neither prayer nor children were ever treated like this by the Congress which convened with hours of prayer every day in their deliberations to form the basic law of the land, which is the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights. They retained their Congressional legislative law making power in the Congressional Houses - not the Judicial nor for that matter the Executive.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Christians and Jews

First my mandatory Bible quote: Matthew 6:25
Therefore I say to you, be not solicitous for your life, what you shall eat, nor for your body, what you shall put on. Is not the life more than the meat: and the body more than the raiment?

Most people in the west (- the United States) have no idea of the history of Eastern Europe and Russia etc.

It is as if anything East of Holland or North of Spain, France and Italy or East of Italy is a strange remote unknown place to them.

My ancestors from Eastern Europe came to the United States in 1901. At that time they were fleeing from wars created by the Jews’ Kahal/Haburah in the employment of Gentile princes. It is important to know that the Kahal wasn’t just bankers like Rothschild in the West. The bankers etc. were elites within Judaism. They were put into that place by Gentile princes for the specific purpose of imposing usury on the masses. That usury was forbidden by Church law, so the ever ingenious and Christian in name only Gentile princes said to themselves, well hmm we will just get the obliging Jews to do the dirty work for us. Most of the pogroms were usually just convenient peasant uprisings against being murdered and stolen from by Jews. The reason they were convenient is if the Jews were driven off when the Gentile princes had already collected their dirty little money, then the Gentile princes were relieved of the burden of the Jews and at the same time had already profited off of the Jews presence earlier. This was an ongoing cycle.

The wars created by the Gentile princes - Jews’ Kahal/Haburah in Eastern Europe – Russia etc. in the 19th century were well before the Bolshevik revolution in Russia in the 20th century, 1915-1917. Those wars were particularly nasty because the peasant farmers had their young men forced to join ranks of armies from nations other than their own when the invading armies would commandeer them on pain of execution if they didn’t go along. In other words, nation A which is at peace is invaded by nation B which is at war with nation C. Nation B commandeers nation A’s young men with threat of execution (they had not done anything wrong of course, but that didn’t matter to nation B) if they don’t go to help fight and kill nation C.

This was all a creation of the Gentile princes – not the Jews. The Jewish elites (Rabbis and bankers) brutalized their own before they ever brutalized any Gentiles. Again those Jewish elites were created by the Gentile princes for their own purposes – it is still the same today!

Therefore it is not “a Jewish conspiracy.” It is a Gentile conspiracy. But when the Gentile princes make it clear that they don’t give two cents from a dead man’s eyes for their own people, why would the Jews bullied on pain of death by the Jewish elites (Jewish elites created by Gentile princes) ever care for what they would do to any Gentiles, or for that matter any of their fellow Jews? Therefore they are the perfect assassins, foils and mask cover up for the Gentile princes.

This cycle is evil and invidiously deceptive. The Jews are cooked by Talmudic Rabbis and hypocritical Gentiles in Ghettoes and set loose to ravage the Gentiles and destroy them.

Behind it all are the old line noble families. They are not Christian, except in name only. These old noble families are not the “lost tribes of Israel.” All they are is conniving thieves from ancient pagan chieftains of Saxons, Angles, Celts, Franks, Slavs, Balts etc. The Middle East has its own variation on this.

When you embrace cancer it will kill you though. That warning goes for both the Gentile false Christians and the Jewish hitmen in employment of the Gentiles. The cancer you seem to delight in will eat you both alive.

Here is the connection between the blasphemous Jews and the conniving Gentile princes (Roman pagans) referred to at the beginning of the judgment of God against the Jews and continuing through the centuries- THE FINAL TRIAL OF CHRISTIANS AND MUSLIMS TOGETHER – attacked by the Haburah, the Kahal, the Organized Criminal Zionist Conspiracy « BellesHeures's Weblog: Thus having taken hold of the Jewish people through the medium of the Roman authority, this clique easily placed its laws above the ten commandments, and formed a government whose control over its subjects was absolute.11 This government became henceforth known as the Kahal.12

[By God's irreversible judgment the Jews were condemned and cast out of of the Holy Land forever, two thousand years ago. The first dispersion of the Jews was in 70 A.D. and the second dispersion in 135 A.D. in the time since the prophecy of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ during His time on earth prior to His ascension into heaven. By the connivance of the Jews' Pharisee Rabbinic Academies in Palestine in the first century A.D. the Kahal was given its form to rule over the apostate Jews who had committed the unforgivable sin of Perfidy and Deicide against the true Messiah Jesus Christ during the time of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ on earth.]

The dispersion of the Jews which followed in 135 A.D., instead of destroying the Kahal, served on the contrary to set it on a new and firmer basis, on which it has continued ever since. Wherever Jewish emigrants settled,13 they founded communities apart under the direction of the fraternities, and held to the precepts of the Talmud.(tm) Each community had its representative, its rabbi, its synagogue: it was a miniature Kahal. The different aims of these communities always found themselves intimately related with those of the central body upon which their existence depended.

. . .


The Jews, disseminated in all lands and claiming the same rights as other nationals, jealously guarded the secret of their hierarchy. Prior to the eighteenth century various nations had from time to time granted equality of rights to the Jews within their borders,1 but in every case had retracted them.

About 1770, Moses Mendelssohn2 and others began preaching emancipation for all Jews everywhere, as the ultimate goal of the race. This suited the Kahal: if its members enjoyed the privileges of other nationals, they would eventually occupy important posts in gentile governments and thus extend its own power and influence. The aim was to a large extent realized a few years later. With the French revolution in 1789, the status of the Jews in that country was completely changed.3 Not only did they obtain the franchise, but, profiting by the sale of confiscated property, they soon acquired great wealth. Napoleon remarked in 1806: ” By what miracle did whole provinces of France become heavily mortgaged to the Jews, when there are only sixty thousand of them in the country? “.4

. . . .

It continues to this day centered in Occupied Palestine.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Kidnapping and Torture

Saint Romero pray for us

I was a member of AAAS, Engineering Division, long time ago, back in the time when I was working in High Tech. They are basically a benign organization dedicated to Science. At the time I was a member, I ordered from them and still have my copy of 'The Breaking of Bodies and Minds - Torture, Psychiatric Abuse, and the Health Professions - Edited by Eric Stover and Elena O. Nightingale, M.D., Foreword by David A. Hamburg, M.D. - American Association for the Advancement of Science.'

It is a timeless indictment of False Imprisonment and Torture by Medical and any other authority and person and persons for any reason, especially political suppression of peoples.

Where you find political suppression, you will always find religious suppression with it. Archbishop Romero of El Salvador was assassinated for his profession of Jesus Christ and stance against persecution of the faith and oppression of the poor people by neo-fascist United States sponsored (read Heinz [a.k.a. Henry] Kissinger's Operation Condor and related Vatican Ratlines, Granta, ODESSA, Nazi/Neo-Nazi South American CIA insurgencies and murder) paramilitary right-wing groups and the government. Saint Romero did not then align himself with the Marxists, instead, he aligned himself with Jesus Christ and His kingdom as he had always done.

From Wikipedia: Óscar Arnulfo Romero y Galdámez (15 August 1917 – 24 March 1980)[1] was a bishop of the Roman Catholic Church in El Salvador. He became the fourth Archbishop of San Salvador, succeeding Luis Chávez. He was assassinated on 24 March 1980.

In less than three years, more than fifty priests have been attacked, threatened and slandered. Six of them are martyrs, having been assassinated; various others have been tortured, and others expelled from the country. Religious women have also been the object of persecution. The archdiocesan radio station, Catholic educational institutions and Christian religious institutions have been constantly attacked, menaced, threatened with bombs. Various parish convents have been sacked.[7]
Oscar Romero

For a prime and always pertinent medical indictment of kidnapping ('desaparecido' - disappearance) and torture go to this source -

Link: AAAS Scientific Responsibility, Human Rights and Law Program

Title:The Breaking of Bodies and Minds: Torture, Psychiatric Abuse, and the Health Professions
Price:$11.95 ($9.50 for AAAS members)
Author(s):Elena O. Nightingale
Eric Stover
Distributor:AAAS Science and Human Rights Program
1200 New York Avenue, NW
Washington DC, 20005
Tel: 202 326 6600
Fax: 202 289 4950
Cost of shipping and handling will be added to the invoice. Please indicate if you need rush delivery.

Title: The Breaking of Bodies and Minds: Torture, Psychiatric Abuse, and the Health Professions

Price: $11.95 ($9.50 for AAAS members)

Year: 1985

Language(s): English

Distributor: AAAS Science and Human Rights Program
1200 New York Avenue, NW
Washington DC, 20005

Tel: 202 326 6600
Fax: 202 289 4950

Cost of shipping and handling will be added to the invoice. Please indicate if you need rush delivery.

Monday, January 23, 2012

School prayer, body surfing and Jack Kennedy

I used to body surf quite a few decades ago. The world was different then and in many ways the same. The same year I started body surfing was the same year President John F. Kennedy was assassinated and school prayer was removed from United States public schools. I know there was no coincidence in those two events. School prayer was removed in two vile court cases outlawing God in the United States. Kennedy was the last honest President.

My body surfing days were at the same time I went to High School. The waves were much larger then as opposed to now, where I was. People were much different then in the context of society. During that time the counter culture, which I had NO use for then and now still, was thrust upon the scene. Before the end of the decade I went to College and found that the counter culture that was on campus and in the halls of the College's teaching staff was composed of anarchists which I utterly opposed then and now still.

When you research the counter culture you will find that in absolute contradistinction to the milieu that it supposedly came from and in spite of the genre of that time that supposedly represented it, that it's roots are distinctly Bolshevism and no other. The Zeitgeist of the 1960's and the Real Politik of that time were in fact the same, especially in central Africa - Congo etc., that was totalitarian rule through subversion of law from a Bakunin like left wing. I opposed  it then on campus, in spite of threat to my life from them, and I oppose it now. I also had no use for the CIA on campus and their games. Two sets of liars. The Church committee reforms in the United States Congress in the next decade slowed the CIA's unlawfulness down but didn't stop it. The CIA by law has never had any authority to and has always been totally forbidden to operate in the United States, but that doesn't stop them.

The sad reality is the people of the United States still don't recognize most of this. Opportunists in politics prance about making grandiose statements full of hot air and covering over the fact that what is engaged in by them and the hidden powers is a dialectical syncretism of left-wing right-wing shadow play while the real agenda of removing all God given rights from people continues unabated. “Le nouvel âge,” the new age, is nothing other than the old age of paganism and blood letting with the leit-motif of Renaissance humanism lightly covering it. It is a shame and will bring to power only corruption and evil.

"Le plus grand mensonge," is that the New World Order is anything other than Hitlerian/Bolshevistic/code Napoléon tyranny. The brutal subjugation of Palestine by British colonialist - Zionist - vulture Capitalist unlawful expeditionary colonizing incursion expansionism and direct genocide is the prime example of this since Herzl until now and continues to be.

Pope Pius X summed up perfectly the answer of conscience to the Zionists query of him for approval for their plans to even immigrate to Palestine, much less any unlawful and murderous invasion which can never be approved in any just fashion, when he said that since they do not recognize Jesus Christ as the Messiah then they can not be recognized. Two World Wars later and the Third beginning now with the abject liars' propaganda of the nouvelle loi d'habilitation of sturm und drang centrist control of everything spreading like cancer throughout the world in a war of terror upon individual rights, which rights were given people by God: we have the Zionists' answer to their being rejected - but by who were they rejected? - by God of course. Pius' words only repeated this.